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BD Block Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee.

Address : BD Park,BD Block,Saltlake,Sector 1,Kolkata 700064. Busstop :BD Market. Landmark : UBI Bank.

Contact No1 : 9830351696

Contact No2 : 9874187181

Club’s website :

Club’s email id : bdblockdurgapuja@gmail.com

Facebook Profile : facebook.com/yourpage

Person to be contacted for any queries on your Organization or Club :

Name of the person: Yaman Chakraborty

Contact No : 9830351696

Club History or Details : BD BLOCK SARBOJANIN DURGOTSAB COMMITTEE was founded in the year 1978 under the parenthood of BD BLOCK FORUM with an aim to develop spiritual, sporting and cultural activities amongst the resident of the locality. The association encourages selfless pursuit amongst its various age group with having many members from various artistic and creative fields that have provided leadership in advancement of our great national cultural heritage. Members of the Forum decided to celebrate Durga Puja which the founding fathers possibly thought the occasion would bring the people of the locality closer during the biggest festival of the year, thus the added bondage ensured smooth interactions which resulted into a homogeneous socially activated ambiance which resulted into a smooth passage to work together for a any social cause. The founding members of BD BLOCK SARBOJANIN DURGOTSAB COMMITTEE are Sri Haridas Chakraborty, Sri Manash Chowdhury,Sri Harekrishna Ghosh,Sri Arun Purakait and onwards many members were attracted by the grandeur of Durga Puja and came forward for its progress. Some of the are Sri Anupam Dutta, Sri Aloke Pramanik,Sri Malay Banerjee,Sri Tapas Sinha,Sri Subhasish Ghosh,Sri Pradip Acharya , Sri Mrinal Mohan Palchowdhury,Sri Pradyut Dutta,Sri Argha Saha and many more. Members of BD BLOCK SARBOJANIN DURGOTSAB COMMITTEE are strong admirer of the old school and we don’t believe in any Theme concept. Till date we kept the flag flying high and took the puja to the epitome of popularity in idol of goddess Durga by renowned idol maker “Sri Minto Pal”,”Sri Prasanta Pal”, and “Sri Pradip Pal”. 2013 is 35th year of Durga Puja and like every year we are celebrating in same traditional way but with a change, this year the idol of Durga is being sculpted in the Pandal premises by the artisans from Krishnanagar,Nadia. During the Puja days we do organize few competitions for the residents of our Block, like we have Sit-n-Draw competition,Dhunuchi Naach ,Pradip Projjalan and many more. From Sasthi to Navami we do organize Cultural Programs where in kids from Block do participate and block members do take part by doing drama or a play or a dance drama and eminent artists from Bollywood and Tollywood also do have performed at our puja premises,like Sri Manna Dey,Smt Usha Uttup,Sri Abhijit,Sri Kumar Sanu,Smt Banashree Sengupta,Mir and many more and this year we will be having amongst us Shilajit. BD BLOCK SARBOJANIN DURGOTSAB COMMITTEE ‘s Asthami Puja and Sandhi Puja by Tapan Purohit is famous and we do have a gathering of more than five hundred devotees from all around Saltlake who do come to see the Puja Offerings. During Asthami and Navami we do organize a Community get together where residents of our Bolck do come and participate and spend a galatime.During Asthami we do cater Vegetarian Dishes and during Navami we cater Non vegetarian dishes. Just after Dashami BD BLOCK FORUM distributes Sarees and Kurtas among the Sweepers of our Block and hundred slum dwellers in and around Saltlake and during winter we do distribute Woolen Blankets and Sweaters to the slum dwellers in and around Saltlake. Finally the past 34 years proves the promise of bright future of “BD BLOCK SARBOJANIN DURGOTSAB COMMITTEE “on this earth to bring happiness to mankind.

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