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Salt Lake FE Block Residents Association

Address : FE Block Community Center FE 476/A Sector III Salt lake Kolkata : 700106

Contact No1 : 9830425097

Contact No2 : 9830817726

Club’s website : https://www.facebook.com/groups/feblocklive/

Club’s email id : saltlakefeblock@gmail.com

Facebook Profile : https://www.facebook.com/groups/feblocklive/

Person to be contacted for any queries on your Organization or Club :

Name of the person: Prithwijit Roy

Contact No : 9830425097

Club History or Details : The Heritage Salt Lake FE Block Residents’ Association were the first block to introduce “Theme” concept in Salt Lake Pujas. In the year of 2003 when the IRAQ war was on this association introduced the anti war campaign in the Puja “ Mandap” depicting “ Goopi Gyne Bagha Byne “ the famous masterpiece of Mr . Satyjit Roy. This was a huge hit at that time and the ball started rolling. In the year 2007 our theme was “ 150th Year of Sepoy mutiny”. The Grand LalQuillla, Mangal pandey , Jhansi rani Laxmi Bai created the perfect ambience. This was the year when firstly the “Light and Sound” has been introduced. Probably this was also the first of its kind in any Puja Mandap in Kolkata. On that very year we got the special appreciation for most footfall in the areas of Salt lake Puja. In the year 2008 our Theme was “1000th year of Bengal Business “the famous story of “Invasion of Sri Lanka by Vijaysingha.” We grabbed “ Special jury Award of Star Ananda” as one of the best Pujas in Kolkata. Last year the theme was “ From past to present”. “ Cossimbazar Rajbari” was the main “Pandal” with various artefacts of yesteryear including gas Light . It became a huge hit and nearly 1.5 Lakhs of people thronged the “ Mandap”. A special feature in Washington Radio Bangla also included our Puja and this was invariably a great honour for us. Theme: 2014: The Pride of Bengal: In the land of Terrakota. We always feel and tried to present the glimpses of Bengal’s rich cultural and architectural heritage to the generation next. This year is also not an exception. The Puja will be based on the theme of Bengal’s folk culture, central focus being “Bishnupur” temple and terracotta art. We all know the Culture and architecture Bankura district carries a rich heritage. The temples, art and craft of this district have made this a preferred destination of the tourists all over the world. This year we would be trying to present a part of “Beautiful Bengal” in a different manner to the audience. Last but not the least to be mentioned that, our Puja is a preferred destination for the “Pandal” hoppers all the state and internationally also. So we are expecting a huge crowd, may be manifold increase from the yesteryear. The Other activities: Besides organising grand Pujas every year, we also are engaged in other activities. This year we have organised a “Treasure Hunt on wheels” for the first time in salt lake. We have organised “ Basant Utsav” in a huge manner which was highly acclaimed by different print and visual media. Every year we organises a “ Football Tournament “ where youths from different blocks participated making this a grand occasion. Social Work: We are running an allopathic chamber with XRAY and Blood sugar test facility and a Homeopathic Chamber for last 5 years. The reasonable rates and special care attracts huge people for years. We are also running an ambulance service for quite a few years. We have also organised free “ GYM centre “ and Yoga Classes for our people. Some associated organisations of our block along with the Residents’ Association provides financial help to the poor and meritorious students , provides relief to the flood affected areas(every year) and organises heath camp in underdeveloped areas. It is worth to be mentioned here every year before “ Sharod Utsav” we are honoured and privileged to provide new clothing to the have-nots of our area. The million dollars worth smile from the kids enlighten our sprit to do something for the society.

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