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Contact No1 : 9062083442

Contact No2 : 9477200366

Club’s website : www.sanghasree.com

Club’s email id : sanghasree@yahoo.in

Facebook Profile : facebook.com/sanghasree

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Name of the person: Souradeep Dutta/Debasish Mukherjee

Contact No : 9477200366

Club History or Details : It was 1946. Pre independence year. The country was passing through a very difficult time of communal tension. The younger generation of Haldar Para Road – Kalighat(now GURUPADA HALDAR ROAD)thought of starting a SARBOJONIN DURGAPUJA as a festival of mass participation irrespective of cast, creed, or religion. At that time IDOL worship within the vicinity of KALIGHAT KALI TEMPLE area was forbidden and SANGHASREE was within that area. It was very challenging to create the expansive space converting the traditional Patachitra idol to clay model of Durga setting, first of this kind in this locality recreating a cross over from the barrier of religious orthodoxy. Independent minds had started setting towards making innovative Durga object design with the composition of studio-set architecture which did emerge into thematic Puja composition in Calcutta. It was then a journey of design art, from RADHA FILM STUDIO on to our own local art studio popularly known as Kali Studio, which started creating visual art effect more like dimensional impressions. Thus stylization of idol background setting, mostly using approach of story teller at the back drop of environmental opening, included sometime using our own PURANA classic like Ramayana, Mahabharata, so also Indian ancient and contemporary temple architecture thus creating the specialized project to thematic creativity. Press media were also very appreciative and supportive to such large-scale popularity of SANGHASREE and their community activities and creativeness. A new perspective was born, and ‘SANGHASREE’ became a legend. From then on besides attracting lakhs of people it started attracting attention of the media also and remained in the front page of all Leading News Papers of WestBengal for the next 25 years. In the year 1950 THE STATESMAN published a caption in their daily as “IMEGES FLOATING IN THE EVENING SKY”. Though SANGHASREE consists of middle class neighborhood people of Kalighat -Haldarpara ,it was always an integral part of Bengal’s cultural life .Many famous people form various walks of life were associated with it from its beginning. TARASHANKAR BANDYOPADHAYAY, PREMENDRA MITRA,PROBODH KR. SANYAL,MONOJ BOSU,RAMAPADA CHOUDHURY,SONTOSH KR GHOSH,PRAMATHA NATH BISHI wrote in Sanghasree’s Puja Number edited by Nandogopal Sengupta. Sanghasree’s Bijoya Sanmilani was conducted by none other than UTTAM KUMAR. SACHIN DEV BURMAN, former C.M Ajay Mukherjee ,Governors’ Padmaja Naidu, A.L.Dias, present C.M Mamata Banerjee,Finance Minister Amit Mitra graced our Puja Pandal on different occasions. “SANGHASREE”, one of the most popular Durgapujas of Kolkata for the last 67 years, with an enviable location in the heart of the city has lived up to most of its past glory in the last few years through its unique presentation of the GODDES by incorporating a perfect blend of the traditional & modern art form. The incessant footfall in our Pandal during the Puja Days and shower of prestigious awards and accolades bestowed on us by several bodies and organizations of great repute bear testimony to our success. This is SANGHASREE’s 68th year of celebration. It is one of the oldest Sarbojonin Durgotsav of Kolkata, specially of southern part.. As in Bengali cinema, where Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Hritwik Ghatak have started a new trend, SANGHASREE has also done the same in the Durgapuja. It is the Pathfinder, in today’s glamorous, THEMATIC Pujas of Kolkata, different from ‘EKCHALA’ style. To make the present Generation-x aware about SANGHASREE’s past and what actually was the beginning of “THEME PUJA” we have decided , to recreate our old designs with additions of modern technological additions , which we have named “DUGGA DARSHAN”, in 2011,a one of a kind idea conceptualized and presented by Sri Susanta Pal, one of the leading and award winning concept artistes of recent times. In our 67th year in 2012, another famous artist Sri Somnath Mukherjee is our concept designer. Through his concept of “Chaalchitrer Biborton” he wants to present the another art form synonymus with “Durga” Idol. In our 68th year in 2013 Shri Kamaldeep Dhar Prof of Viswabharati Art & Sculpture dept is our concept designer & theme maker. Our theme is “Ghate Debir Charan, jale mayer baron” We hope this will be able to generate new interest in this time of shortage of Good Themes. We are proud to inform you that last year we have received “ Best Protima Award” by KMC,” Best Green Destination” by WB-Pollution Control Board,”Best Puja” by Channel 10 TV , and six more awards given by various other organizations. . SANGHASREE never took any financial help from any organization or person .It ran on the donations of local people. But time has changed. Now without Corporate sponsorship a big mass festival like Durgapuja cannot be organized. So it is our humble appeal to all, specially to the corporate sector to come forward to be associated with this cultural heritage of Bengal for mutual benefit Last but not the least, SANGHASREE always remained committed to its social duties and responsibilities. It arranges free health check-up camps, Eye donation & free eye checkup camp, Blood donation camp, free distribution of woolen rugs to poor, Sit & draw competition, Tree plantation program every year in association with Rotary club/Lions club/SBI etc.

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