“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Ratha Yatra

A Ratha-Yatra or Roth Jatra or Chariot Festival is a Hindu festival that involves transporting deities on a chariot (called a ratha or roth). Accidents involving people being crushed under the wheels of the chariot have occurred, and a figurative reference to a chariot containing Lord Jagannath has resulted in the English word juggernaut to refer to an unstoppable force.

The symbolic movement of the chariot of Jagannath (source of the English juggernaut) is celebrated with much fanfare in Kolkata due to the huge chariot brought out by ISKCON. The destination of the cult figures are the Maidan. The "idols" are brought back after a week in the chariot in the festival of UltoRatha ("reversed Ratha") . The week is synonymous with numerous fairs (Rather mela) held all over Kolkata parks, known for their distinctive food and carousels. Myth has it that it always rains on the day of RathaYatra in Kolkata.