“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi


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: About Us Barisha Bandhusree Welfare Society means the conjecture of the three streams as in the practical way the meeting of Two roads Silpara , Sakher Bazar,79/2-5, diamond Harbour Road.(Near Silpara Puspashree Cinema Hall) Kolkata-700 008 and Bose para road Road. But as the inner meaning goes it is the unique merging of the thoughts of the three generations- The Seniors, The Present and The Future Youth. It is also the fusion ground of Tradition, Culture and Social Activity. The club was founded in the year 2008. At the very onset of the club there were about fifteen to twenty members and the Durga Puja then was done in a very homely and quiet manner. As the years went by the then seniors handed over the management of the club to their next generation who are now the present seniors of ours. Along with the Durga Puja Bandhusree started a Free Medical Unit in the year 2011 and this unit is still running successfully from the club premises which was built in the year 2011, for the past 4 years serving the poor and underprivileged patients. Our club gradually grew in size and repute and presently we have 300+ members and this year it is proudly touching the 6th year mark. As we look back we see the Durga Puja being the festival of not only the Hindus but the involvement of each person living in and around, irrespective of caste creed and religion. In those days the women and children had these four days of celebration as their window to the outer world. ‘Bijoya Sammilani’ was celebrated in a grandeur manner honoring eminent personalities . Their musical concerts and vocal magic filled the hearts of the masses year after year.Since the last four years the Durga Puja has gone up to a larger level and the name Bandhusree has become well known among the pandal hoppers. In 2011 the pandal was built like a rising of sun (SURYAMUKHI MANUSH SURYA SANDHANE, SURYA ABHIJAANE JAOA) Our last year’s thought took us to In 2012 we made the pandal in the traditional EPAR BANGLA AND OPAR BANGLAR MELBANDHON CREATING BY 30 FEETS RICKSHAW) it was to create awareness about ones state and its various forms of art and architecture.. We recreated the ART AND COLOURFULL RICKSHAW through the various cultural programs. BARISHA BANDHUSREE consists of three wings- The General Wing, the Ladies Wing, and the Youth Wing. Each month the members meet and discuss about the various activities and an agenda is created. Responsibility is given judging the individual talent. On all the four day puja mornings we give Anjali together and a Community lunch is organized where each member with their family and also the local residents are invited. Cultural programs relating to the current puja theme by the traditional artists takes place each evening. ‘Sindur Khela’ is one of the integral part of Dashami when Maa Durga is bid farewell as she returns to her husband ‘Shiva-s’ abode at Kailash. All the ladies of our club and the local area participate in this ritual. BARISHA BANDHUSREE has become more of ‘A home out of home’ than only a club to each of its members and also the local residents and the Durga Puja along with other festivals like the Lakshmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, Holi, Kali Puja, Dewali, Christmas, New Year, birthdays of Sri Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Maa, and Vivekananda,INDEPENDENCE DAY, RABINDRA JAYANTI are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and hearty participation. BARISHA BANDHUSREE has thus become an integral part and parcel of our lives and we do not feel like going anywhere and miss out all the fun and activity all the year round.

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