“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Balaka Abasan Puja Committee (New Town)

: Balaka Abasan , New Town, Action Area-1, Kolkata-700156.
: 9230081201
: 9230513431
: baapc2015@gmail.com
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: Balaka Abasan Puja committee is organizing Durga Puja since last 12 Years and it is the first and largest Puja of New Town. In 12th year of our Durga Utsab, we have secured 3 first prizes in respect of our “Idol” and overall decoration and management from HIDCO, Biswa Bangla Sarad Samman, Najarbandi High News. We have also secured Second prize from Newtown Sarad Samman for Pandal. In 11th year of our Durga Utsab, we have secured 2 first prizes in respect of our “Idol” and overall decoration and management from HIDCO Durga Puja, the most happening festival of the Bengalis can be sensed with its spurt of fanfare. Balaka Abasan is the first Mass- Housing of New Town by the virtue of this Balaka Abasan Durga Puja is the first Durga Puja of New Town. Simple sober oldest Duraga Puja of New Town has updated and related itself with nature and has started the first theme Puja of New Town and has created a milestone. By the constant endeavor and dedication of its resident Balaka Abasan has continuously managed to be in spotlight and has always secured first position in New Town area. Although Balaka Abasan is an EWS housing it has always shows the path of saving Mother Nature by its initiatives in terms of creating awareness and educating people about there destruction of eco balance. By the support of our well wishers and sponsors we have taken a large leap in terms of budget. As you Know Previous year Balaka Abasan Puja Committee had organizing the ‘first theme’ Puja of New Town Rajarhat based on the theme ‘Jangal Mahal’ with the moto of save trees and Jungles. We have received crowd of more than 1 lakh on each day of Durga Puja 2014 as the theme was in discussion and cause curiosity amongst the people.

Person to be contacted for any queries on your Organization or Club :

: Sanjay Shaw
: 9230513431