“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi


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: The history of the 90 years old Durga Puja at Prasannamayee Ghat,the OLDEST in South Calcutta is herein stated. On the western bank of the river Ganga on the auspicious morning of “Devipaksha” in 1926 AD – Late Shri Basanta Bhattacharjee discovered a metal figurine of the Goddesses Durga. It was set to be made out of a combination of eight metals (commonly known as Astadhatu). The place from where the figurine was discovered is the“Prasannamayee Ghat” (named after a lady name Dasi Prasannamayee ) . Late Shri Basanta Bhattacharjee was the first priest of the Durga Puja which started in 1334 (Bengali Calendar) i.e. 1926. Since then the Puja is being held at the same venue, except for a couple of years when it was shifted to the Chetla park due to some urgencies that had cropped-up way back in the 1930s. But, after a gap of two years the Puja returned to it’s original venue, the roots being at the “Prasannamayee Ghat”. For more than two decades of its existence, ours was the sole Durga Puja which had been dedicated to the people i.e. “Sarbosadharan”. Many famous families of Chetla has patronized the Puja from it’s initial days.

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