“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi


: 5/1, KASHI BOSE LANE, KOLKATA - 700006
: 9231535136
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: www.kashiboselane.com
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: On the eve of 2nd World war, in the year of 1937, the British Empower stopped the puja at ‘Simla Bayam Samity’ in North Kolkata, which was mainly organized by some freedom fighters. They came to Kashi Bose Lane CIT park along with some local enthuastic youths & residents & arranged & started the Durga puja at Kashi Bose Lane ground, but in the time of 2nd World War (in 1939), this tune of had been loosened for one year due to the socio-economic situation. But then, this durga puja continues till now with adding various dimensions to Kolkata Durga Puja Festival & enriches the significance of Bengali culture worldwide.

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: Pradipta Nan
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