“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi


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: Panchattor Pally Khidderpore
: “Durga puja” is the most renowned and mostly awaited cultural festival of the Hindus, especially the Bengalees. This is not only a puja but also an occasion where the Bengalees throw away their hazardous schedule of everyday life and commit themselves to the worship of “Ma Durga”. Our club, 75 Pally, shares a history background of its own. In 1964 all the members of Ramanath Pal Road gave birth a new Puja Committee, named 75 PALLY PUJA COMMITTEE, at Rama Nath Pal Road, Kidderpore. The said name was actually selected by all clubs in Kidderpore under ward No.75 of Calcutta Corporation to organize a joint Puja Committee in 1946 only due to a communal riot and the relevant Puja held at Mohanchand Road. In this way all the members of the new Puja Committee inspired by it and selected that historical name. The first annual general meeting held at the residence of Late Balai Bhushan Pal (MLA), he was the first PRESIDENT of the said committee. CHIEF PATRON: Late Dhirendra Nath Chatterjee (Advocate). SECRETARY: Late Dr. Debabrata Sen. TREASURER: Sri Biswanath Maity. AUDITOR: Late Debidas Chatterjee (Auditor of accounts, Railway) ART DIRECTOR: Late Nirmal Maity and Sri Nirmal Kumar Das. ELECTRICAL DIRECTOR: Late Sita Ram Mallick. PUJA CO-ORDINATOR: Sri Susanta Chatterjee. PUJA EXECUTIVE: Late Manindra Nath Banerjee (Santu Advocate) PUJA ADVISOR, EXECUTIVE: Banerjee Bari. OTHER MEMBERS: Late Manindra nath Gupta(Pasu Da), Late Sailendra Nath Jana, Late Sailendra Nath Santra, Sushil Maity, Debkumar Maity, Dr.Dilip Mukherjee, Late Ramnath Ram, Debabrata Ganguly, Arun Sarkar, Fipa Sarkar, Arun Saha, Nemai Saha, Shib Prasad Saha, Gyan Mohan Dutta, Subrata Sen, Subhash Sarkar, Bipradas Chatterjee, Kedar NathBanerjee, Pulin Dey, Subal Roy, Late Nimai Payik, Late Satya Arun Ghoshal, Late Dulal Samanta etc. Since then,75 Pally has been organizing the durga puja with success. As time changes,the earlier members have given way to the new generations but still it is one of the most famous pujas in the South Kolkata Port Area. With the sheer advisory and accompaniment of the residents of Rama Nath Pal Road,we have been able to maintain the fame of this puja. We are approaching our SILVER JUBILEE which will be in the year of 2013 and we are sure that once you come to our club you will definitely feel the culture and the glory of DURGA PUJA.

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