“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Panchanan Tala Sarbojonin Durgotsab Committe

: 57C, Panchanan Tala Lane, Behala, Kolkata - 700 034
: 9830488201
: Contact No. 2
: panchanantala.durgapuja@gmail.com
: panchanantala.sarbojonindurgotsab
: We Panchanan Tala Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee, Behala, Kolkata are celebrating Durgotsab 2013 like every year. We are one of the oldest Durgotsab organizing committees in the area of Behala. This year we are celebrating 69th Year

Person to be contacted for any queries on your Organization or Club :

: Prithvi Raj Banerjee
: 9830488201