“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Roy Bahadur Road Netaji Sporting Club

: 147/1A Roy Bahadur Road, Behala, Kolkata 700034
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: rbrnsc1957@gmail.com/Roy Bahadur Road Netaji Sporting Club
: ROY BAHADUR ROAD NETAJI SPORTING CLUB Our club Roy Bahadur Road Netaji Sporting Club started organising Durga Puja from 1957. This yearin 2015, it will be our 58th year of organising Durga Puja and it will be arranged by our club’s 100women members. For the past several years our Puja have made a mark in people’s heart. In last 57years some noteworthy themes were “Manjid”, a fusion between Mandir and Masjid; A Puja Mandapinspired by rural culture; Terracoda, developed by the students of Art College; Puja Mandap madewith tree bark; Puja Mandap inspired by Egyptian Pyramid etc. Our club have received several awardsfor these aforementioned Puja Mandaps.

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: Pradip Deb
: 9432327059