“ The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” - Mahatma Gandhi


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: Now in the new era of 21st Century “SETHPUKUR SARBAJANIN PUJA SAMITY” at SETHPUKUR, BARASAT has oriented its place within North 24 Parganas District and win over several prizes years together for celebrating holy “Durgatsav Festival” at Sethpukur ground, Barasat since 1956 onwards. In the year 2005 the committee had celebrated their “Golden Jubilee year” with glamours beauty in presence of million people who enjoyed the festival. However, if we look its background history, may find out a picture which witness the following from the starting year 1956. A few dynamic young boys of Sethpukur area with a challenging mood and mind had decided to organize one “Durga Puja” at “Sethpukur ground” Barasat and started to campaign from door to door. Some enthusiast broad minded people came forward and encouraged them to organize in right fashion, among them within whom we remember the names of a few viz.Late Radha Rani Ghosh (Mamoni), Late Nalini Bala Banerjee (Jathima), Kakima (Wife of Ex-Police Inspector, Barasat PS) who resided nearly places and contributed lum sum money (the then time) also gave hearty blessing and inspiration to such endovour of Durga Puja to those golden boys of courage and sincerity. In such a fashion, with very miniature scale this puja was started at Sethpukur ground and in the 1st Year Shri Hem Chandra Ghosh was the President and Shri Santi Ranjan Banerjee and Late Naresh Ch Paul was the Jt. Secretary who took leadership to organize the Durgotsav. At the initial stage, there was acute financial crisis to meet the then expenses and at the later stage the Puja Samity has got its own footing by publishing “Souvenir” by printing each and every names of the donors / contributors with amount of their helps etc. In addition to Puja “NARAYAN SEVA” was also organized years together where participation of all section people was a remarkable activity.

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